LAV Misket 6-Piece Multi Colored Margarita Cocktail Glasses, 10.25 oz

Shaken, stirred, or blended - these margarita glasses are perfect for all drinks

  • Available in a set of 6 cocktail glasses, they can hold up to 10.25 oz each, allowing you to create delectable, large-sized drinks or desserts
  • These stunning party margarita glasses have multi-colored, easily identifiable stems that showcase your fantastic style to your guests
  • You can clean them safely in the dishwasher and use them regularly or for special events
  • The classic design easily allows you to salt the rim for your cocktails
  • The beautiful and multi-coloured stems offer a sturdy, comfortable grip
  • Get a set for your kitchen or bar
  • Perfect for cocktail lovers and family as well as those who like a nice presentation!

 Present delicate and tasty margaritas, drinks or desserts with LAV Misket 6-Piece Multi-Colored Margarita Cocktail Glasses!

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