Since its establishment in 1994, LAV has taken a leading role in the glassware industry thanks to its focus on market, costumer, technology and innovation.

Its facilities located in Kütahya, LAV is the world’s fifth largest glassware manufacturer, supplying 2 million items every day with a large range of tumblers, stemware, bowls and etc. Today, LAV employs 2,000 people, with its sales and marketing office in Istanbul and two production plants built on a 300,000 square meter area in Kütahya.

LAV exports its innovative and unique glassware products to 130 countries, including France, Spain and USA in particular, as well as Brazil, the Philippines and China. It does this thanks to its globally extensive distribution and sales network, which reaches different landmark based countries around the world such as Zanzibar, Mauritius Islands, Victoria Falls, Tokyo, Sydney, etc. LAV carries out its research and development activities on glassware production technologies at its Technopark facility, which is described as a “plant within a plant.” Built in 2001, the innovation-focused Technopark is one of the three companies in the world which creates its own production technology.