LAV Misket 4-Piece Multi Colored Rim Coupe Cocktail Glasses, 8 Oz

Coupe Glasses - Colored Rimmed for Creative Drinks!

  • The pack comes as a set of 4 cocktail glasses that can each hold up to 8 oz
  • The rims are in 4 different pastel colors, making them easily identifiable
  • Each glass has a wide rim for easy pouring of cocktails and other drinks
  • You may show off these glasses at parties and special events and have a memorable time with your loved ones
  • The coupe glasses are made of sturdy material and are safe to use in the dishwasher
  • You can even prepare intricate desserts with garnishes
  • These sophisticated coupe glasses look great in your kitchen
  • These rim coupe cocktail glasses can be a perfect gift option for those who like a modern and colourful look in the home

 Make stylish and energetic cocktails or drinks, create a delightful experience for your guests, family or friends!

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