LAV Fonte Glass Water Pitcher with Lid, 40 oz

Elegantly designed, multipurpose glass pitcher for all types of beverages

  • From water and juices to wines and cocktails, you can LAV’s glass carafe to present your drinks in a stylish manner
  • It can hold up to 40 oz of liquid, allowing you to serve generous portions
  • The sturdy plastic lid and high-quality glass pitcher with a narrow neck can be cleaned and stored easily
  • You may safely store non-alcoholic or alcoholic beverages ranging from milk and fruit juices to sangrias and more
  • It is ideal to elevate your drink presentation at parties, picnics, and get-togethers
  • It is also suitable for beverages and also as a decorative flower vase
  • A perfect design appealing to people of all ages

Make the LAV Fonte Glass Water Pitcher with Lid one of the most indispensable items in your home!

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