LAV Fonte 2-Piece Clear Glass Pitcher Carafes with Lid, 40 oz

  • From tomato juice to water, you can keep any beverage that you see fit in these 2-piece 40 oz glass bottle set.
  • Its hard plastic white lid will keep your beverage free of any undesired substance.
  • You can keep your beverage or water away from plastic bottles and their hazards with this good quality glass Fonte carafes.
  • Start your day fresh by conserving your milk, juice, or any kind of beverage from alcoholic to non-alcoholic. LAV Fonte's functional capacity preserves your beverage safely at your barbecue parties, campings or family picnics
  • Like other LAV products, you can also use Fonte bottles for multi-purpose. Fonte will make a beautiful glass vase to decorate and brighten your room with flowers by adding
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