LAV Gaia 12-Piece Stemless Wine Glasses Set

  • Modern and practical mind leads the design for stemless wine glass set to decorate crowded tables on the spot
  • The goblet glasses set of 12 is composed of three separate quadruplets in large, medium, and small forms. The largest Gaia set consists of four stemless glasses with a capacity of 20 oz beverage while the medium is presented in a much standard size of 16 oz for wine. The smallest quadruplet is available in 12 oz liquid capacity
  • The delicately cut glass displays an eyeful color that originated from the tasty beverage in the sets
  • Gaia goblet glass set of 12 is suitable to serve wine, cocktails, non-alcohol drinks, and even water in the larger sub-set
  • Remarked with its thin base, round and non-heavy design, and sparkling glass composition, the stemless wine glass set transforms each sip of drink to an unmatched experience
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