A Red New Year's Party

A Red New Year's Party

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It is simply not a holiday season without having the walls, doors, floors, and ceilings embellished in red and green, and definitely some grey. The red-grey-green trio is a fabulous color brew – red is vigor and warmth, green is nature and life, and grey is calm and winter-like. Enough with our decoration "expertise," we're here to throw a party. But in the midst of all of the holiday decorations, wreaths, and having a sustainable Christmas tree, not much time and effort is reserved for New Year Eve's party. The celebration aspect of the season is not something you should want to take a backseat.

To make New Year's Eve party as exciting as possible, go with a party theme that is already solidified in and around your home: Red. The red decorations are already there, and every future guest has something red to put on; all you need to do is work on some details to make your party shine out.

One place to look for improvement is sure drinks. Since you decided on a color-themed party, there's no one to stop you from spoiling it to an extreme. Serve each and every drink in red—especially the most fun ones: Shoots. Here are three red recipes that are easy to prepare on the fly.


Red Snapper Shots

This's not the Red Snapper, "a Bloody Mary with gin," this is a cocktail that has its own capabilities to carry the party when served as shoots. The sweet, bitter Amaretto liqueur, at least a midlevel whiskey on the soft and lighter part of the spectrum, and 100% cranberry juice. Fill the shaker with ice and shake all the ingredients. Strain into LAV Truva shot glasses.

·   1 fl. oz. whiskey

·   1 fl. oz. amaretto liqueur

·   4 fl. oz. cranberry juice

·   Ice


Cinnamon Toasty Shots

We talked about the color and visual flagships of the holiday season, but what does it taste like? Yes, there're many correct answers to this, but one of them is definitely cinnamon. Without its flavor and savor, something sure will be missing. Two familiar liqueurs get together to create a tastier than the sum outcome. Pour Amaretto and schnapps in this order to fill the glass. To elevate even further, crash some cinnamon toast cereal to coat the LAV Single shot glasses' rims with it. Since there's no ice in the mix, it's served best in chilled glasses, and with its thick base, LAV Single will pile up enough cold sitting in your freezer.

·   1 1/2 fl. oz. amaretto liqueur

·   1/2 fl. oz. cinnamon schnapps

·   Cinnamon toast cereal crumbles


Pomegranate Margarita Shots

A conversation about shots would be misleading if we don't mention the ruler of the shots, tequila. To tune it to the party's theme, you need to winterize an all-time classic cocktail by adding pomegranate into the mix. 100% pomegranate juice, tequila, triple sec, lime juice (hand squeezed), maple syrup, and ice all need to go in the shaker to be mixed till your hands feel cold or 20 secs. Place some salt on a plate, and pour a little bit of pomegranate juice into another. Before straining the shaker into LAV Lal liqueur glasses, dip the rim of the glass first in the juice and then in salt.

·   4 fl. oz. 100% pomegranate juice

·   3 fl. oz. tequila

·   1 fl. oz. triple sec

·   1 fl. oz. lime juice

·   1/2 fl. oz. maple syrup

·   Ice

*The measurements are for 3-6 shoots, depending on the glass size. So we suggest you multiply the measurements by at least two while preparing the shots, depending on the number of your guests.

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